Gli unicismi lessicali nell' "Elettra" di Sofocle

edito in Bollettino dei Classici 2012

Lexical hapax in the Sofocle’s Elettra In this paper, we present a comprehensive analysis about hapax corpus of Sofocle’s Elettra, a task that has never been done in a systematic way. A short introduction begins this small hapax lexicon. In the first section are presented hapax of dialogued parts, the second part is devoted to hapax of lyrical parts. Finally in the last section are considered some of the most significant neologisms in the tragedy. The analysis focuses on the possible relationship between Sofocle’s semantic choices and different aspects of tragedy: the themes, the performance, the style, the metric. One of the main goals of this study is to present little by little the labor of the tragic poet on the lexis, namely on the said word and even more, on the recited word, on the theatre word.

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